Nortex Thermal Imaging, Inc.

The science of thermal imaging can be adapted to many industries such as the petrochemical. Nortex Thermal Imaging has worked closely with Nortex Field Service, INC to find mechanical problems. If you have any machining needs check out their website: Nortex Field Services


Our services include but are not limited to the following areas, please contact us for our current price sheet.

Home Energy Audit

Detection of loss of energy through windows, doors, poor insulation, and improper wiring.  We can actually put these losses into a dollar and cents cost analysis to the customer.


Electrical Audit

Detection of overloads, deterioration and poor connections in panels, motors, disconnects, services, transformers, capacitors, lighting ballasts, etc.


Mechanical Audit

Detection of pressure leaks in gas, compressed air, refrigerant, steam systems, etc.

Detection of liquid levels.


Solar Panel Audit

Detection of poorly installed and wired solar panels. We can detect individual cell failures within modules.


Moisture Audit

Detection of moisture in unwanted places as well as liquid levels in tanks and containers.


IR Window Installation

Assist in verifying the proper installation of IR Windows.


Non-Destructive Testing

Our testing equipment is non contact so it does not harm your property or the environment.



Nortex Thermal Imaging will happily work with the customer to determine the best way to utilize our imaging cameras to suit individual customer needs.

Our cameras show you exactly where the problems are quickly so you can focus on detecting energy waste, moisture and electrical issues. It’s the cost-effective and easy way to help save you money.

Scan, visualize and analyze temperatures of mechanical equipment and electrical systems quickly and accurately.